Fruit and Vegetables

Here on this magnificent planet called Earth we have an incredible entity called nature that has seen fit to provide us with the most amazing things to keep us fit and healthy, they are called fruit and vegetables.

Now it may seem to you that we are going a bit over the top about something as lowly as fruit and vegetables but they really are fantastic and with all of our combined knowledge they are going to start

 changing our lives for the better for ever. A bold statement you may think however it is such a simple concept that we are proposing to use and so blissfully easy  to apply that we are very confident that anyone using fruit and vegetables juiced in the correct way can see a massive boost to their health and wellbeing.

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Because it is the juice of the fruit and vegetables being introduced to the stomach, these awesome nutrients can begin to be absorbed in as little as twenty minutes and as we don't have the bulky pulp to overfill us we can have more of these essential juices, remember 95% of the nutrients of fruit and vegetables are contained in the juice and not the pulp. " Surely we need the pulp as it acts as fiber" I hear someone at the back cry out, well sir we must also remember that many of these juices contain soluble fiber and lets face it due to us visiting relatives, going to parties, eating out etc we are not going to be on a juice only diet so it really is not something you need to worry about. Having said that we all have different tastes and on top of that some fruit and vegetables contain high sugar levels and would benefit from some of the pulp being re-introduced to prevent a sugar spike to our system, so go forth and juicify as you see fit.

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Some fruit and vegetables don't lend themselves well to juicing with juicing machines due to their composition, so as we are trying to present as comprehensive a guide as possible we will look at ways to use them in conjunction with the juices that are more easily produced.

Some of you may choose not to use those fruit and vegetables that cannot be turned in to a juice and as always that is down to your personal choice or taste and in some cases dietary needs.

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As we start increasing our fruit and vegetables nutrient intake due to juicing, the flood of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and enzymes will also start reducing our risk from cancers, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, at the same time our vision, digestion and skin will improve and we will lose weight, well what can I say, three cheers for fruit and vegetables.